About Us

Mission & Vision

Named after the trailblazers Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, AdaMarie is a jewelry brand I created to celebrate the gifts, goals, and accomplishments of women and girls in STEM. My mission is to empower wearers to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math with joy and confidence. My vision is to provide a range of thoughtful, technical, eye-catching keepsakes that will fill those who wear them with pride in their work.

As the only woman in most of my math and science classes at college, I was determined to find a way to honor the STEM legends who came before me and to raise up other female students, teachers, researchers, and scientists who would follow in my footsteps. I combined my love of STEM with my passion for fashion and jewelry making to create this beautiful, strong, and empowering brand that is AdaMarie.

Guiding Principles

My collection is a tribute to women and girls in STEM – to the learners, teachers, makers, and doers – who will have a lasting impact on our ever-changing world. When designing, creating, and shipping my jewelry, I am reminded of the things that matter:

  • Brainy is Beautiful: I want women and girls everywhere to find ways to nourish their passion for STEM. To this end, I’ve designed pieces for every niche of science, technology, engineering, and math that I can think of! Hopefully, everyone can find something they love, but if you have a new idea, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note! I’m always crafting.
  • Quality Matters: All of my jewelry designs are created using high-quality metals and materials. Many are hypoallergenic, and this is indicated on relevant product descriptions.
  • Connection is Key: I love getting to know my customers, so please get in touch! Whether you have a question about my products, have an issue with your order, or just want to share your story, be sure to reach out via email or Facebook Messenger!
  • Speedy Shipping: As someone who also loves to shop online, I know how important it is to receive an order quickly. I will always ship orders placed before 2PM on the same business day from my warehouse in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Orders that come in after this cutoff will go out on the next business day.